2020 Conference: Call for Papers – deadline for submissions extended until 29 February 2020

Call for papers, projects, and interventions for the 2020 International Conference - deadline for submissions has been extended until 29 February 2020.

INUAS annual meeting in Zurich: “The world’s problems are not solved in ivory towers”

INUAS pursues transdisciplinary discourse to generate innovative ideas and perspectives for the future of urban spaces.

Findings from the first INUAS conference provide insight into the challenges associated with growing cities

Experts from more than 20 countries discussed socially responsible and climate-friendly living in rapidly growing cities at FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences from November 4-6, 2019.

Affordable housing for all as central topic of the INUAS Conference 2019

In this interview, housing and urban researcher Isabel Glogar talks about the questions that will be discussed by experts from more than 20 countries and from inter- and transdisciplinary views during...

Living in growing cities and the question of a social and sustainable city: INUAS Conference 2019

Marc Diebäcker, member of the scientific conference committee, provides an insight into the upcoming conference highlights.

Keynote Speakers of the 2019 INUAS Conference Housing under Pressure

We invite you to find out about our keynote speakers as 2019 conference highlights: Loretta Lees, Amita Bhide, Sascha Roesler and Javier Burón Cuadrado.

Book “Primary Healthcare – Successful Examples from Practice” published

The INUAS health expert workshop on "Primary Healthcare", which took place in Munich in spring 2018, resulted in a book. The publication "Gesundheit für uns alle!" concretizes the abstract claim "Hea...

Challenges currently faced by growing cities are in the focus of the INUAS-conference “Housing under Pressure“

Christoph Stoik, member of the scientific committee of the INUAS-conference, talks about this year's conference "Housing under Pressure: Dynamics Between Centers and Peripheries”.

Registration for the INUAS 2019 Conference Housing under Pressure in Vienna now open

150 speakers from more than 20 countries will present their transdisciplinary perspectives on urban transformations and housing in growing cities.
Registration is now open.

INUAS 2019 Conference: Jury is delighted to receive 155 submissions!

The interdicsiplinary INUAS conference jury met in March 2019 to select the received academic contributions, projects, excursions and initiatives from all over the world.

Register now for open courses

Gain insights into other fields by attending an open course at FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences. Registration is open until May 6, 2019.

Munich, Vienna, and Zurich meet at Munich University of Applied Sciences for productive exchange

What do the universities of applied sciences in the three metropolitan areas of Munich, Vienna, and Zurich have in common and where do they want to go as a group?

2019 Conference: Call for Papers open

Call for papers, projects, and interventions for the 2019 International Conference Housing under Pressure: Dynamics Between Centers and Peripheries is open until February 28, 2019.

ZHAW Winter School 2019

ZHAW Winter School looks forward to welcoming students and teachers from partner universities.