Online INUAS annual meeting 2020 focuses on digital transformation


Under the impression of the current pandemic, the online INUAS annual meeting on November 16, 2020 focused on the exchange of information on study and research activities and current challenges in times of Covid-19.

In recent months, the higher education sector has experienced a massive digitalization push due to the global health crisis. This has proven that the INUAS cooperation in the field of digital transformation initiated in 2019 is of particular importance for the further development of higher education agendas. INUAS members benefit from the exchange of information about online teaching and digital processes in administration. The central goal is to design digitization in such a way that teaching and research activities are not only maintained but also further developed.

INUAS initiatives successfully continued
The successful implementation and continuation of planned INUAS activities again illustrate that inter-university knowledge transfer contributes greatly to strengthening the role of universities in facing future societal challenges. Due to the pandemic, a number of INUAS activities were conducted virtually in 2020. Virtual events offer great potential, not least due to their greater reach, which is why INUAS decided to invest more in the further development of projects in the field of online collaboration.
The network also recorded particular successes in the implementation of planned project. The “eBridge” project initiated by the Munich University of Applied Sciences – supported by the “EXIST-Potentiale” track – started in November 2019 in Munich with a meeting of the participating partner institutions, at which FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences joined the entrepreneurship network. eBridge aims to promote social and technological innovation through entrepreneurship, with the Sustainable Development Goals serving as a basis. In addition, the DAAD-funded project “Global XCha(lle)nges” was able to start its first “International Virtual Innovation Challenge”. International interdisciplinary study teams work on problems provided by organizations of the public sector within the framework of the “challenge”.

Conference series “Urban Transformations” establishes itself as a podium for the discourse on sustainable development of growing cities
The kick-off event of the conference series in November 2019 at FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences met with broad interest and focused on the topic “housing under pressure”. It provided the framework for experts from all over the world to exchange views on social and climate-friendly living in rapidly growing cities. In order to discuss the sustainable development of growing cities purposefully, urban transformations and quality of life were considered from an international, inter- and transdisciplinary perspective. From March 3 to 5, 2021, the discussion continues with the second conference focusing on “resources”. The conference will be held virtually and is organized by the Munich University of Applied Sciences. During the conference, the four dimensions of material, time, space and energy will be examined. You can register for the conference on our website.