Conference 2022: Public Spaces

The Winterthur conference on the topic of "Public Spaces" formed the third part of the INUAS conference series “Urban Transformations: Housing | Resources | Public Spaces”.


The dual challenge of resource scarcity and climate change increases the importance of designing ecologically, economically and socially sustainable cities. Next to a focus on energy and digitalisation, innovative urban design approaches actively include city inhabitants through participative, co-creative methods, increasing the efficiency, attractiveness, usability and accessibility of urban public spaces. These key issues were in the focus of the INUAS Conference 2022. Around 120 participants representing science, research and private as well as public-private enterprises presented and discussed a variety of ecological, political, managerial and socio-technical issues and perspectives tied to the overarching objective of sustainable development of urban and non-urban public spaces.

The following links provide information on the 2022 conference:


Call for Papers


Book of Abstracts


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Keynote von Arnd Bätzner

Keynote from Marc Barra

Keynote from Prof. Sabine Knierbein

Keynote from Prof. Paola Viganò

Input to the panel discussion from Katrin Gügler

Input to the panel discussion from Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Merk

Input to the panel discussion from Thomas Madreiter

Panel discussion