News: AnnualMeeting

INUAS network celebrates its 10th anniversary

The annual meeting in early November 2021 at the FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences not only focused on past joint successes but also on planning new impulses and formats.

Online INUAS annual meeting 2020 focuses on digital transformation

Under the impression of the current pandemic, the online INUAS annual meeting focused on the exchange of information on study and research activities and current challenges in times of Covid-19.

INUAS annual meeting in Zurich: “The world’s problems are not solved in ivory towers”

INUAS pursues transdisciplinary discourse to generate innovative ideas and perspectives for the future of urban spaces.

Munich, Vienna, and Zurich meet at Munich University of Applied Sciences for productive exchange

What do the universities of applied sciences in the three metropolitan areas of Munich, Vienna, and Zurich have in common and where do they want to go as a group?