Challenges currently faced by growing cities are in the focus of the INUAS-conference “Housing under Pressure“

Christoph Stoik FHCampusWien
Christoph Stoik FHCampusWien

In an interview, Christoph Stoik, lecturer and researcher at the Department of Social Work at FH Campus Wien and member of the scientific committee of the INUAS-conference, talks about the questions that will be dealt with during this year’s conference and what is to be expected on the agenda in Vienna on November 4-6, 2019.

Asked about which aspects of his discipline are essential for the INUAS-conference, Christoph Stoik replies: “From the perspective of spatial research and teaching, the reciprocity between structural realities and the individual persons is an exciting topic: that is questions of the availability of affordable housing with amenities such as infrastructure, supply, etc. and the subjective experiences and actions of people within this context.”

Christoph Stoik explains in his interview that the interdisciplinary contributions to the conference help make the complexities of the problems of growing cities relating to housing more transparent and refers to the importance of the discourse between science and practice for the conference’s topic. The international contributors to the conference shall promote the international discourse and provide a space for the comparison of how different countries and metropolises of various sizes act.

Asked why he is looking forward to the INUAS-conference in November, he replies: “Our conceptual ideas of considering the dynamics between center and periphery as well as having an interdisciplinary discussion have worked out completely. The mixture of contributions of high-profile experts and innovative student papers has created a hugely exciting program.”

The entire interview is available on the website of  FH Campus Wien (in German).