Book “Primary Healthcare – Successful Examples from Practice” published

The book is the result of the INUAS Health Expert Workshop © Walhalla Verlag

The INUAS Health Expert Workshop on “Primary Healthcare”, which took place in Munich in spring 2018, resulted in a book. The publication “Gesundheit für uns alle!” concretizes the abstract claim “Health for All” and presents projects and strategies that show how fair and equal access to health services can be realized. Solidarity, digitalization, technology development, inventiveness, coordination, cooperation and new organizational structures create ways to people who have difficult access to health resources.

The publication is intended to illustrate to those politically responsible at the federal, and local levels, as well as to all actors and citizens, what possibilities there are for implementing equal access to health resources and participation in concrete terms. The examples described in the book serve as illustrative material and inspiration for students of social sciences, health sciences, political science and technical disciplines to develop further solutions, apply knowledge and set up research projects.

What all the practical examples listed have in common is that they aim to make a lasting contribution to facilitating access to health services and social participation, especially for disadvantaged groups. All projects are guided by the principle of sustainability, which combines economy, ecology and social justice in the form of equal health opportunities.

The topic of health/health and nursing has enormous significance for sustainability. Health, quality of life and sustainability belong together, in line with the INUAS Mission Statement. This is why experts from the three INUAS universities meet regularly for joint interdisciplinary workshops on topics from the fields of health, health care and social work.

Further information to the book on the webside of the publishing house: Gesundheit für uns alle!